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White Collar Crimes Charges in Oklahoma City, OK

Legally there are differences amongst crimes centered on fraudulent activity; still these offenses are often unjustly connected by prosecutors to inflict the harshest punishment for the accused. Only the rigorous representation of an experienced white collar crime attorney can isolate these situations to their respective categories, subjecting only appropriate penalties for the offense White Collar Crimes


Fraud consists of a broad array of actions and can be carried out on many levels. By nature, it is the intentional use of dishonest means to deprive someone else of money, property, or legal rights. In Oklahoma, victims of fraud are entitled to file criminal lawsuits for the incurred damages against the fraudulent party. M. K. Bailey fraud lawyers recommend a more civil remedy in situations where another’s naiveté of smaller amounts is often overlooked.

  • Constructive fraud happens when there is a breach in legal duty without direct proof of fraudulent intent.
  • Extrinsic fraud occurs when deceit is employed to keep someone from exercising a right by hiding evidence or misleading the opposing party.


The act of taking away someone else’s property with the intent of making it your own to purposefully deprive them is larceny. By legal definition, it is the intent to deprive someone of property, permanently and without force through trickery or false intentions. When the exact property is money, the charge can be categorized as a white collar crime. Unlike embezzlement, larceny involves one stolen lump sum that was not come into by legal means.


A person who embezzles has come into possession of money or property by legal means. Unlike larceny, some element of trust was already in play before any unlawful transfer of funds took place. The proof of embezzlement often appears in bank statements as a manipulation of accounts, or in an incremental drainage of funds. If a company has brought charges against you, we recommend that you seek the assistance of an embezzlement attorney to prove a credulous relationship existed between you and the company at some point.

Big businesses often have the upper hand in fraud, embezzlement, and larceny cases because the vital documents of proof are in their possession. When someone is accused of financial misconduct, it is imperative that every piece of evidence be thoroughly investigated in the court of law to protect the rights of the accused. An M.K. Bailey investment fraud attorney and securities fraud attorney is proficient at doing just that, making sure every source is thoroughly examined on behalf of our clients.

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