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Shooting suspect turns himself in to police

In the Christian religion, Easter is a major holiday that is often marked by attendance at a house of worship followed by gatherings of family and friends. This tradition does not include the harming of those loved ones. However, one family is facing just that after three members were shot during an Easter evening attack.

Three adults in the home were shot after 10:00 pm on Easter Sunday. One woman is in critical condition. Another woman and a man are listed in stable condition at local hospitals. The remaining four individuals that were in the home, three of which are children, were not injured. The investigation continues, but the prime suspect in the case turned himself into police on Monday. He is the estranged husband of one of the shooting victims. No official charges have been filed, but the alleged shooter is being held on a complaint of shooting with the intent to kill and child endangerment.

Violent crimes carry serious penalties in the state of Oklahoma. Examples of violent crimes include robbery, homicide, assault and other serious offenses. These crimes have serious consequences that range from prison time, life in prison or even the death penalty.

Any defendant facing these charges should take them seriously and consider hiring legal counsel. Serious crimes are punished based on the elements of the crime that are set by statute. Quality legal counsel can help make certain that the prosecution proves all the elements of the crime. In the event of a conviction, experienced legal counsel can also make the difference during the sentencing phase of the trial.

Source: News OK, "Oklahoma tripe-shooting suspect turns himself in Monday," Josh Wallace, April 6, 2015

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