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Police searching for Oklahoma robbery suspects

In the state of Oklahoma, robbery is defined in two degree, first and second. Robbery in the first degree occurs when, in the process of committing a theft, any of these elements occur: serious injury upon a victim; a threat of immediate serious injury; fear of immediate personal injury toward a victim; a felony is committed or a threat of a felony upon a person is made.

When a theft is committed in any other manner that is not listed above, it is categorized as a second degree robbery.

In Oklahoma City, police are searching for two men who are accused of robbery. A local man was on his way to his car when he was punched several times by two men. The attack occurred on the 4700 block of Northwest 23. He managed to get away from the two men and run into a nearby pawn shop. There, the surveillance camera provided images that the police are now using in their search.

If the two men are found, the police will have to determine which degree robbery to charge. After being charged, states must prove each element of the crime. If unable to prove the elements, this could result in the charges being dropped.

Robbery is a violent crime in the state of Oklahoma and can carry serious consequences, if a defendant is found guilty. If charged with this crime, it is important to have experienced legal counsel that will ensure that prosecution provides all the proper evidence and proves all elements of the crime.

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