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NBA player receives harsh punishment due to domestic assault case

You may not have heard of Jeffrey Taylor, a Swedish national who was picked in the second round of the 2012 NBA draft. Taylor's NBA career never really took off, and it will likely take much longer for it to get off the ground now that he has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. Taylor was inebriated in September of this year, and pushed a woman down in a hotel lobby. The woman suffered bruises and other injuries, but she refused medical treatment.

As a result of his actions, Taylor has been suspended 24 games by the NBA. He missed 11 games at the start of this season under an "indefinite" suspension by the NBA, and will miss the next 13 games under the newly released suspension to reach his 24-game punishment. If anything, the NBA's reaction to the NFL's domestic violence controversy has been stark and stern (no pun intended).

While there is no condoning violence against anyone, it is important to remember -- no matter how uncomfortable it may make you or how much you may disagree with it -- that people who commit violent crimes have rights, and they are entitled to a trial where they are innocent until proven guilty.

People who are accused of these domestic violence offenses or violent crimes, may they be professional athletes or everyday people, can have their lives ruined by the charge. As you can clearly see with Taylor, this domestic assault case has directly impacted his occupation. And this can happen to anyone. Defend yourself, regardless of the circumstances, when you stand accused of a violent crime.

Source: Deadspin, "NBA Suspends Jeffery Taylor 24 Games For Domestic Assault, Shades NFL," Kevin Draper, Nov. 19, 2014

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