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Statutory Rape Charges

Statutory rape can be a confusing legal charge. Everyone involved can be in agreement about engaging in sexual activity, but if one person is too young to provide legal consent, the other party can face criminal charges. In many situations, people are not aware that they are committing a crime until they are facing criminal charges — often at the request of one party’s parents or an ex-lover.

At M.K. Bailey Law Offices, we have successfully defended hundreds of teenagers and other people throughout Oklahoma City who were facing charges for statutory rape or other sex crimes.

The Impact Of Statutory Rape Charges On Both Parties

Many statutory rape charges are brought by the parents of the underage participant. The parents discover texts or emails between the teens and bring the evidence to the police. However, many parents do not understand what will actually happen to their children if we move forward with the case.

In addition to being a defense attorney, I am a father. I know firsthand what it’s like to do everything in your power to protect your children and help them make the right choices.

However, many parents do not understand the full ramification of pressing charges against their children’s partner. For example, both parties may be asked in court to explain the nature of their sexual relationship — a conversation many parents would prefer to keep private.

A Lifetime On The Sex Offender Registry?

The punishments of sex crimes in Oklahoma are extremely serious. A teenager who is charged with having sex with an underage partner could face a lifetime on the sex offender registry — even if the sex was consensual.

Under the Romeo and Juliet law, when teenage couples engage in sexual intercourse as a part of an intimate relationship, it may begin occurring before either participant has reached the legal age of consent or after one has, but the other has not. When two minors have consensual sex with each other, they both are guilty of engaging in an unlawful act and can both face the sex offender registry.

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