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Sexual Assault & Battery Charges in Oklahoma City, OK

A sexual battery charge in Oklahoma can be so expansive and broad that it allows a large number of actions to be categorized as a sex crime. Sexual battery and assault involves unwanted sexual contact with another individual that do not warrant a charge of rape or rape by instrumentation. According to Oklahoma law, sexual battery is nonconsensual vulgar or lewd physical contact with another person over the age of 16.

Sexual battery and assault is a felony punishable by up to ten years in prison and a required registration as an Oklahoma Sex Offender. With such serious legal ramifications for conviction, those charged with sexual battery need competent representation from a skilled battery defense lawyer.

Sexual Battery Defense
Sexual battery complaints extend from a wide number of actions and reasons. Prosecutors typically use a sexual battery charge for sex crimes that do not merit rape. Consequently, sexual battery is often characterized by a lack of physical evidence which opens a wealth of defense options. Consent, lack of sexual intent, lack of evidence, and lack of witness or accuser credibility are just a few.

If you have been charged with sexual battery, let sexual assault lawyers at M.K. Bailey Law Offices defend your rights. Our qualified defense attorneys will be able to protect your rights during the investigation, help you avoid costly mistakes during questioning, evaluate and preserve evidence supporting your defense, and minimize the impact of the charge.

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