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Understanding sex offender registry requirements

Sex crimes are unquestionably serious accusations and charges. The penalties following a conviction for sex crimes can be extensive and long lasting. One significant consequence of a sex offense conviction can include the requirement that the accused individual register as a sex offender with the sex offender registry. Even individuals registered as sex offenders in other states are required by Oklahoma law to register as sex offenders in Oklahoma.

Violations of sex offender registry requirements can lead to misdemeanor or felony charges. It is important to realize that any failure to adhere to the requirements of the sex offender registry, including registration, housing or any other requirements, can lead to additional penalties. According to the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registration Act, accused individuals who are convicted of sex offenses that involve minors or children are restricted when it comes to the choice of housing. Sex offender registration can range from 15 years to the lifetime of the offender so it is important to understand the requirements.

In addition to housing limitations, registered sex offenders can face employment limitations, different types of tracking and monitoring and serious consequences for failure to adhere to any of the requirements imposed upon them as sex offenders. Most sex crimes convictions require sex offender registration following the completion the individual's prison sentence.

While sex offender registry requirements, and penalties for violating sex offender registration requirements, can be severe and seem harsh, some individuals may not be required to follow all of the requirements in some circumstances. Because it may also be possible to request that the court modify the requirements in certain situations, it is important for individuals facing sex crimes charges or convictions to fully understand the sex offender registry requirements and resources that may be available to help them. For more information, please visit our Sex Offender Registration page.

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