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Record Expungement

M.K. Bailey Law Offices has helped thousands of clients getting their lives back on track by permanently expunging arrest and conviction records, having pardons granted, and making successful appeals. Many people think that their records of arrests that did not end in incarceration are destroyed, dismissed, or deferred. That is a common misconception and far from the truth.

Clear My Record
Most establishments, including employers and academic institutions, run background checks on each potential applicant, which reveal the applicant’s arrest history, regardless of the ultimate disposition of the case or how much time has passed since the arrest occurred. An arrest will appear on most background checks unless the record is permanently removed, a process that begins with petitioning the court.

Record expungement is a legal process by which a previous arrest or conviction may be erased from an individual’s criminal record, preventing public access to such information. In an expungement proceeding, a first-time offender of a prior criminal conviction asks to judicially seal the records of the earlier process making them unavailable through a state or federal repository.

When an expungement is granted by a judge, the person expunged may treat the event as if it never happened. After the process is complete, an arrest or criminal conviction ordinarily does not need to be disclosed by the person who was arrested or convicted. Expungement is a civil action in which the petitioner or plaintiff asks the court to expunge record of past criminal activity.

Generally non-violent misdemeanors, felonies, and some Victim Protection Order (VPOs) are eligible for criminal record expungement. In some cases where the arrest or conviction stemmed from a violent felony, alternative avenues can be explored.

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