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Prostitution & Solicitation

Plainly put, prostitution is an exchange of sexual acts for payment. And even if it is the world’s oldest profession, it is illegal on all levels in the state of Oklahoma. Arrests in connection to it are however not limited to the individuals physically engaging the act. There are a number of ways those outside of the exchange can be directly or indirectly involved, which is also unlawful.


Prostitution wouldn’t be possible if someone did not bargain for it. The person bargaining is guilty of soliciting prostitution in Oklahoma. Whether directly involved or a third party, this person can be arrested for attempting to sell or buy sex.


Anyone who maintains a dwelling where an act of prostitution takes place can be charged with a misdemeanor in Oklahoma. This includes renting out a building or a part of a building to a third party to be used for soliciting.

Internet Prostitution
With changing times comes a newer form of the trade. Most still envision a provocatively dressed woman walking down the street escorted by a “pimp” or “john”. Although a portion of arrests in Oklahoma do happen on the streets, online communities are the new frontier for “sex working”, making internet prostitution a prime target for undercover sting operations.

Child Prostitution
A sex-for-payment encounter involving someone younger than 16 years of age nets harsher punishment in Oklahoma. Anyone found guilty of child prostitution is punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment and a fine of up to $5,000 for the crime, and $15,000 for subsequent convictions.

When children are a part of prostitution, the adults’ chances of receiving additional charges for organized crime and pandering are much higher. Pandering, racketeering, restraining, and even allowing child sexual indecencies in your rented facility are taken seriously in Oklahoma.

In addition to the mandated Sex Offender registration and criminal conviction, being found guilty of child prostitution will result in the loss or denial of a nursing license and ineligibility to work in a school in Oklahoma for up to 10 years.

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