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Enid man faces charges from sexting

Cell phones have allowed us to keep in touch with loved ones instantly. Beyond making phone calls, smart phones allow individuals to share music and pictures between friends and family. Unfortunately, strangers may also be able to gain access to other citizens. When a stranger sends sexually offensive material, it can be disturbing to the person who received the message.

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Sex crime punishment and Fourth Amendment rights

A United States Supreme Court ruling may have opened the door for a unique constitutional challenge. At issue is the lifetime tracking of a repeat sex offender. The question that is being explored is whether or not this constitutes a search. The Fourth Amendment provides a protection against unreasonable search and seizures. If the lifetime tracking is considered a search that falls within the parameters of the Fourth Amendment, a defendant must prove that the search is unreasonable.

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Statutory rape in the state of Oklahoma

All crimes that involve sex are cause for concern in the state of Oklahoma. When these crimes involve children, there is a heightened sense of concern due to the age of the child and their inability to give legal consent on matters of a sexual nature. The law outlines the age of consent for certain sexual acts while also stating the penalty for the crime.

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Possession of child pornography in the state of Oklahoma

It is universally accepted that children should be protected. Children are one of the most vulnerable segments of our society. Those who choose to prey on them deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. However, it is important that the prosecution of the accused follows the letter of the law rather than a biased, overzealous prosecution that neither seeks nor searches for the truth.

Understanding sex offender registry requirements

Sex crimes are unquestionably serious accusations and charges. The penalties following a conviction for sex crimes can be extensive and long lasting. One significant consequence of a sex offense conviction can include the requirement that the accused individual register as a sex offender with the sex offender registry. Even individuals registered as sex offenders in other states are required by Oklahoma law to register as sex offenders in Oklahoma.

No sexual assault charge for high profile attorney

Anytime there is an allegation of rape, authorities must take it seriously. The social stigma connected to both the accuser and the accused can ruin a good reputation. If the accused is convicted, the consequences can be devastating. The stakes become even higher when one or both of the parties are public figures.

Oklahoma officer who allegedly assaulted 13 women to go to trial

A hearing in Oklahoma took two days to decide the immediate fate of a police officer, and it just concluded. The result is that the police officer is going to have to go to trial. He has been accused of sexual assault in a number of cases, involving a grand total of 13 different women.

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