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Lewd Acts

Indecent or Lewd Proposals
Under Oklahoma sex offense laws, making indecent or lewd proposals to a minor is a felony offense. Whether made through suggestive text messages (sexting), online proposals, or in person, the attempt to invite or persuade a child or minor to perform sexual acts or to go to a secluded place with the intent of engaging in sexual conduct is an aggressively prosecuted sex offense.

Conviction of lewd proposals to a minor generally leads to a harsh sentence that is generally not mitigated by sentencing options such as credit for time served or a suspended sentence. Furthermore, registration as an Oklahoma Sex Offender puts severe restrictions on a convicted offender’s housing, employment, movement, and recreation. Repeat offenses eliminate the possibility of parole and provide a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Defense for Indecent or Lewd Proposals
A skilled sex crime defense lawyer will work to cast doubt upon either knowledge of the alleged victim’s age or upon the intent of the accused. For an evaluation of your case and to begin building a solid defense against your criminal charge, schedule a free initial consultation with M.K. Bailey Law Offices.

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