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Internet Sex Crimes

Internet sex crimes include not only online and internet sex offenses, but also sex crimes perpetrated via cell phone and other telecommunication devices. Computer sex crimes are subject to penalties similar to sex offenses carried out face-to-face in the state of Oklahoma.

The act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs primarily between cell phones has recently been identified as sexting. Sexting is not necessarily illegal, unless the person being viewed is under the age of 18. When this is the situation, sexting becomes a type of child pornography, even if the person viewing is also a minor.

Child Pornography
Having possession of photos, videos, or any medium of minors in a lewd or suggestive manner is not only an Oklahoma offense; it is also a federal crime. While Oklahoma law stipulates anyone convicted of child pornography must serve at least 85% of their prison term before becoming eligible for parole, federal stipulations also have stake in determining punishment for the accused.

Computer Sex Crime Defense
When a criminal offense nets robust media coverage, legislators and prosecutors tend to take a hard line against the act. Consequently, internet sex crimes are prosecuted harshly on the state and federal level. For this reason, it is critical that those accused of internet sex crimes obtain skilled legal support by hiring a sex crime defense lawyer with specific expertise in handling online, internet, and telecommunications cases.

Federal and state laws necessitate that certain computer sex crimes, such as distributing or downloading child pornography, require lifetime sex offender registration, in addition to a lengthy prison sentence. To increase your defense against allegations of sexting or another internet sex crime, contact an M.K. Bailey criminal defense attorney.

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