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Oklahoma investigates internet crimes against children

Crimes against children are of particular concern for those in society. The popular view is that children should be protected from those who seek to do them harm. One way to protect children is to monitor internet use. The internet is sometimes used to lure children into dangerous situations.

To protect children from internet crimes Oklahoma has created a special division of law enforcement to look out for their interests. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has a unit that investigates Internet Crimes Against Children. The agents in this unit are specially trained to investigate the exploitation of children by the use of technology. When necessary, they conduct undercover operations and respond to any ICAC complaints.

The Oklahoma ICAC Task Force is a part of the National ICAC Task Force. The OSBI has a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice. The grant is designed to aid the work of the task force throughout the state. There are 51 affiliated agencies that work with the task force to fulfill their mission. The combined work of the OSBI and their affiliates has doubled the number of investigations.

There are a variety of agencies that work with the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation. The Sheriff's Departments and municipal Police Departments work to investigate the crimes. Statewide District Attorney's offices work to prosecute the crimes. Computer crimes are an ever evolving crime. Those who work on these crimes must work diligently to protect those who may not be able to protect themselves from internet predators.

Source: Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, "Internet Crimes Against Children," accessed on April 20, 2015

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