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'Internet crime' carries a very heavy connotation

The amazing technological strides we have made in the last two decades has changed the world forever. We can connect with anyone whenever we want; most, if not all, of human knowledge is just a few keystrokes away; and our ability to create and manage tremendous things online really is an incredible accomplishment when you think about it.

However, there is an unfortunate side to all of this. There are people out there who are so skilled with, and knowledgeable of, the internet and computers that they can use these elements as weapons. They can tap into bank accounts, steal personal information and generally wreak havoc online.

Of course, we are expected to fear all of this. And though we don't want to make light of the situation, the phrase "internet crime" carries significant weight nowadays, even though many people who are charged with such crimes have done relatively minor crimes that don't represent the terrifying way we have come to know internet crime.

It's an important distinction because despite this heavy connotation, internet crime is also a gray and mysterious area of the law. The evidence for and against an individual accused of internet crimes may be difficult to understand, and in some cases, the laws simply haven't caught up with the times.

Given the atmosphere surrounding internet crime, it is absolutely vital that any person accused of such a crime needs to have an attorney by his or her side to defend them against the charges -- and likely serious penalties they carry.

Source: WLOX, "Internet crime expert warns Bay students, parents about dangers in digital world," Trang Pham-Bui, Oct. 30, 2014

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