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Indecent Exposure Charges in Oklahoma City, OK

In Oklahoma, indecent exposure is a felony sex offense punishable by up to ten years in prison, $20,000 in fines, and lifetime sex offender registration. With such serious consequences in the balance, it is imperative that those charged with indecent exposure find legal representation from competent OKC lawyers. Indecent exposure is the intentional public display of one’s private parts, including genitals, buttocks, or the female breasts, in a lewd manner.

This can include public masturbation, flashing of the genitals, exhibitionism, and sexual intercourse. Public urination can also be filed as indecent exposure rather than a misdemeanor, which means sex offender registry for the accused. Though no physical contact with the victim occurs, indecent exposure is subject to harsh penalties as a crime against public decency.

Indecent Exposure to Minors
If a child is subjected to the indecent exposure of genitals or sexual activity, then the crime is prosecuted in an attempt to gain the maximum sentence for the defendant. Oklahoma Sex Offender Registration for those convicted of indecent exposure can range from 10 years to life. Some ramifications of sex offender registration include:

  • GPS ankle monitoring
  • SEX OFFENDER emblazoned on your driver’s license
  • Residential restrictions
  • Community notification of your address and sex offender status
  • Limitations on access to public areas such as parks, churches, and schools

Indecent Exposure Defense

Disputing evidence, challenging the credibility of witness identification or testimony, illuminating a lack of evidence, and revealing the consent of willing participants turned accusers are all possible defense strategies. To minimize potential negative outcomes for indecent exposure charges, let us tell you about our defense resources and strategies.

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