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Gun Crimes Attorneys

Oklahoma laws regarding concealed carry and open carry are relatively friendly toward gun owners. Despite this, law enforcement at the state and federal levels will go to great lengths to investigate and apprehend people suspected of violating gun laws.

At M.K. Bailey Law Offices, we know that most gun carriers take their responsibility seriously. However, we also know that the state is serious about pressing charges for any violent crimes or gun-related criminal charges. Our attorneys represent individuals throughout Oklahoma City who are facing charges for gun crimes.

A Background And Experience With Guns And Gun-Related Charges

Everyone in law school completes the same curriculum. It is a lawyer’s experience and background that sets him or her apart once he or she begins practicing.

I am Mark Bailey. Before becoming an attorney, I worked as a licensed firearm instructor and tactical baton trainer for law enforcement personnel. In this role I gained substantial real-life experience with firearms. Since becoming an attorney, I have litigated thousands of cases and tried more than 100 jury trials. My in-depth knowledge of gun laws and operations, combined with my years of experience interviewing police officers and witnesses in court, gives clients confidence that I can help them achieve their legal goals when facing firearm possession or any kind of weapons offense.

Gun Charges When A Gun Wasn’t Pulled?

We have seen a dramatic increase in gun-related crimes. But there has also been a growing number of occurrences in which people are involved in fights and don’t draw their guns, but they still need to appear in hearings to keep their gun licenses. Although you may be required to hand over your weapon and license until your hearing, we will work aggressively to protect your rights and your record.

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