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The importance of quality criminal defense

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. This isn't just a saying, it's the mantra of the attorneys of M.K. Bailey Law Offices. The majority of our clients have never been in trouble before. Now these law abiding citizens are caught in the middle of a difficult situation. Making the right legal decisions may make the difference between freedom and incarceration.

It is times like these when experienced legal counsel matters the most. Each one of our attorneys takes pride in researching every detail of your case to provide the a wide range options for each client. The attorneys listen to clients to determine your goals and then we work towards achieving them. Attorney Mark Bailey believes so strongly in client centered representation that he gives clients his cell phone number on his business cards.

This firm focuses on criminal defense, sex crimes, violent crimes, drug offenses and post conviction remedies. Whatever your criminal defense needs, this firm can meet them. If convicted of a crime in Oklahoma, you can face incarceration. If it is a violent crime, you may have to register as a violent offender with the state. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help protect your criminal record, your freedom and your reputation.

Mark Bailey has over ten years of experience in the practice of law. Before law school he worked as a licensed firearm instructor and tactical baton trainer for law enforcement personnel. This law firm is the right place for anyone who needs his or her rights protected.

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