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Eating a BAC print out is not a good idea

Let's say you are driving late one night after you enjoyed a drink or two at your local establishment. Getting behind the wheel of the car probably wasn't the best decision in your life, but you do it anyway. A police officer pulls you over during your drive and soon the officer accuses you of drinking and driving. You are arrested for the offense, and they take you in to a police station for further testing.

After taking some official tests that will give a reading of your blood alcohol content, the printout of your BAC comes out of a printer. And that's when you take action: you eat the paper.

Again, probably not your best decision.

We wish this was an imaginary situation, but one man recently took this exact action. It led to additional criminal charges against him (obstructing governmental administration and criminal tampering).

We write about this story for a couple of reasons. The first is to inform everyone out there that, if you are arrested, you need to remain calm and invoke your rights. The moments in the wake of your arrest are stressful, and you may consider taking drastic action that will only hurt your cause in the long run. Just stay calm, ask for a lawyer and invoke your right to remain silent.

The other reason is that, even though we are poking a little bit of fun at it, stories like this don't really lead to any progress of "fixing" the drunk driving problem. Shaming an offender doesn't address the issues involved. Better treatment and a limited punishment that suits the crime -- but doesn't haunt the person for the rest of his life -- could do wonders.

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