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Defending our Oklahoma clients from criminal charges

Oklahomans who are accused of a crime face a difficult road. Government prosecutors have enormous resources at their disposal and are often under pressure to win a conviction and the harshest possible sentence. At the same time, those who are accused of crimes in high-profile cases may feel that they have been tried in a court of public opinion before they have ever had their day in court. All this is true whether the alleged crime is something violent, like assault, or something nonviolent, such as fraud.

Most Americans are familiar with the idea that, under our criminal justice system, every defendant must be presumed innocent until proven guilty. This isn't just a figure of speech; it means that the prosecution has to prove its case. If it wants the jury to decide that a defendant is guilty, the prosecution needs to lay out convincing evidence. Building a defense is largely a matter of showing that the prosecution's evidence is not enough to support a conviction. The defense should also, when possible, provide evidence that appears to contradict the prosecution's theory of the case.

In cases where the defendant is accused of embezzlement or another white-collar crime, the evidence can be technically complicated. Whether the evidence is sales receipts, computer records or some other documentation, the prosecution will have to show it to the jury, explain what it is and try to show how it supports the prosecution's version of what actually happened.

This is when the experience of a seasoned attorney really makes a difference. Good defense attorneys can show that the prosecution's analysis of the evidence is weak, or that it supports an alternative theory fo the case. The key to protecting the rights of the accused is to make sure that every relevant piece of evidence is examined before the court.

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