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Criminal charges: Naked man attacks woman at apartment complex

Police in Oklahoma City report that they have arrested a man after he attacked a woman while he was naked in an apartment complex. The 32-year-old man was taken into custody late Saturday evening. Police reported to the scene after they received a report that a naked man had broken into the apartment complex and was fighting with residents of the community.

Officers arrived on scene not long after 10 p.m. There, police found the nude man being held to the ground by three individuals.

Police reports allege that the arrested man was intoxicated by methamphetamine. In his intoxicated state, he allegedly took off his clothing, smashed the glass door of the apartment building and entered the community. Then, he made his way to the community bathroom and allegedly attacked a woman who was using the restroom at the time. According to the victim, the man attempted to assault her sexually, but he failed after other residents came to her rescue.

Two residents removed the man from the restroom. Then, with help from the building's maintenance man, the residents tackled him to the ground and pinned him there until police arrived.

The arrested man will now face a number of criminal charges, including assault and battery, first-degree burglary, domestic abuse committed in front of a minor, indecent exposure and forcible oral sodomy. Although these charges are particularly heinous and extremely serious, it is important to remember that this man will still have the right to a defense in court. During his criminal defense, the man may be able to achieve certain favorable results, depending on the nature of the facts and evidence brought against him.

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