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Revenge website operator now seeks privacy protection

In an age of social media, it can be difficult to maintain a sense of privacy. In the case of a romance that has gone sour, social media serves as fertile ground to mount revenge. One website made it convenient for jilted lovers to embarrass their old flames. The website has since been shut down but there are additional issues that linger for the owner of the site.

Sony hacking shows dark side of Internet crime

Oklahoma residents may have heard or read about the recent hacking of emails and other documents from Sony Corp. As of this writing, the identity of the hacker or hackers has not yet been determined. Some have speculated that North Korean agents, angered by the upcoming release of a film that portrays their leader in a bad light, may be behind the hacking. Others suspect a domestic hacker. Gossip websites and others have had a field day with hacked embarrassing emails between Sony movie executives in which they insult each other, movie star Angelina Jolie and even President Obama.

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