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Buyer Beware: Things To Ask Your Lawyer

The American Bar Association has strict rules regarding how lawyers can advertise. According to the ABA, all lawyers who pass the bar exam are qualified to practice law. In reality, however, there is a big difference between an assumption of competency and actual competency.

The lawyer you hire can make the difference between spending the rest of your life in prison or on the sex offender registry and living the rest of your life as a free person. With so much at stake, what can you do to ensure the attorney you hire can actually provide the representation you need?

Before you hire an attorney, there are several questions you should ask:

  • What were the outcomes of the last five jury trials you tried? Trial experience is critical for any criminal defense lawyer. Prosecutors know which defense attorneys try cases, and which defense attorneys try to persuade their clients to accept plea agreements. Mark Bailey can tell you that his last five jury trials were good, but you don’t need to take our word for it. We’re happy to provide you with the names of past clients, so you can hear directly from them what our service was like.
  • When are you available? Mark Bailey puts his cellphone number on his business card, and we encourage clients to call whenever they have questions. We know this is a difficult time, and we are here to provide the legal support you need.
  • Do you charge for initial consultations? We provide free initial consultations to help ensure you understand your options and the likelihood of achieving your legal goals. Although we can’t guarantee outcomes, we can tell you what we expect to happen, based on our years of experience.
  • Can you give me the name of a recent client who had a case similar to mine? Some lawyers try to hide bad case results behind claims of confidentiality. In reality, if there was a public trial, that information is not confidential. Mark Bailey can give you the name of a client who had a case similar to yours.

A jury will be asked to make a decision, and so will you. Make the right choice: M.K. Bailey Law Offices.

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When we meet with you during your free initial consultation, we will tell you what to expect at every step of the legal process. We will tell you the good, the bad and the ugly about your case — and you will leave our office knowing you can trust us to provide the counsel you need.

We have the experience, awards and case results to give individuals throughout Oklahoma City the confidence they are looking for in an attorney. Schedule your free consultation using our online contact form or by calling 405-607-1177.

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