Letter From Mark Bailey

An Open Letter from Senior Counsel Mark Bailey


Thank you for considering our law firm. We recognize that you have many options when confronted with choosing legal representation. Unfortunately for most, the search for an attorney is not a labor of love but rather a task made necessary by crisis. A motivated and experienced attorney can turn potential tragedy into triumph. By the same token, a poorly chosen attorney can make matters exponentially worse.

Our philosophy is simple: we will represent each one of our clients as we would expect to be represented, with tenacity, diligence, and honest professionalism. Every lawyer in this firm limits the number of cases accepted at any given time, in order to ensure that every case is handled with rigorous attention to detail. We know each of our clients by name, not by file number. We answer and return our telephone calls. We provide frequent and detailed updates to you regarding the progress of your case. You will never be blindsided by small print or hidden costs and most importantly, we will never settle for “good enough” with the outcome of your case.

Our attorneys come from a wide range of legal backgrounds but share one thing in common: they are among the very best in their respective areas of the law that this state has to offer, be it Criminal Defense, Family Law, or Civil Litigation. We stand firmly behind our record of success and leave slick marketing and inflated claims to the other guys.

I personally encourage you to call or complete our online form to schedule a confidential consultation, free of charge. I believe that is the only way for you to accurately judge whose hands to place you and your family’s future.

We stand ready to help and look forward to proving to you why we are considered a cut above the rest.

Sincere best regards,

Mark Bailey Law Firm

Mark Bailey
Senior Counsel
M.K. Bailey Law Offices