Criminal Law Attorneys

Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

Under the law, you're innocent until proven guilty. That's cute for a bumper sticker, but that is not the reality most people face. When you are facing the jurors, they want to know why you are innocent. While the government may technically have the burden of proving its case beyond a reasonable doubt, in reality, the burden is on your lawyer to provide the answers and details that prove your innocence.

I am Oklahoma City criminal defense attorney Mark Bailey. Over my career, which spans more than 10 years, I have tried more than 100 cases to a jury. Now, at M.K. Bailey Law Offices, my team and I have the experience and background to provide people throughout Oklahoma City with the legal counsel they need when facing charges for sex offenses, drug crimes, violent crimes or other criminal offenses.

We Represent Good People In Bad Situations

Most of the individuals who contact our firm have never been in legal trouble before. Like you, they're good people who were caught in bad situations. We know that it can be frightening to ask for the help you need, and when you call us, we'll give you the answers you need in a straightforward way.

We'll explain your options and give you our honest recommendations. And if you have questions at any point in the process, we encourage you to call us. Mark Bailey puts his cellphone number on his business card, so you can get the immediate answers you need — even outside normal business hours.

Creating Favorable Options For You

At M.K. Bailey Law Offices, our job is to create favorable options for you. We didn't go to law school to spend our careers filling out paperwork. Every lawyer at our firm thrives on researching every detail of a case, interviewing witnesses, and presenting strong cases to judges and jurors.

You tell us what your legal goals are, and we will work aggressively to achieve those goals. Learn more about your options by scheduling a free initial consultation through our online contact form or by calling 405-486-9789.